This page will contain various photos and snapshots.

New Zealand, 2018: First, from a holiday taken by my wife and me through the South Island of New Zealand early in 2018:
New Zealand 2018

Taiwan, 2017: From a conference in Taiwan (Taoyuan City mainly, but also in Taipei and including a visit to Keelung City) in December 2017:
Taiwan 2017

Shanghai, December 2015: I spent several wonderful days here en route to a conference. The Chinese gent in many of the pictures is my friend, colleague, and on this trip tour-guide and translator Dr Xiangzhao Li:
Shanghai 2015

Crossing Australia in 2007: My brother and I drove from Melbourne, in the South-East of the continent, to Broome in the North-West, through the central deserts and some of the remotest tracks in the world. This is the route we took (in red); the dark rectangles show roughly where we stopped and camped - at some places for more than one night:

Crossing Australia

It took two weeks, some 4000+ kilometres, and we’d do it again in a heartbeat:
Crossing Australia, 2007