Book: “A Computational Introduction to Digital Image Processing”

Book Cover

This book was published by Taylor and Francis (CRC Press) in November 2015.   All the original images used in the book are available here as a 62Mb zip-file:

Functions for the different systems used in the book are available as zip files here:

Note that Python 2.7 was used in the text and in these functions. If you are using Python 3, you may have to change some of the functions. Please let me know if you are using Python 3 so that I can start incorporating your changes.

Note that Octave files should run almost unchanged in Matlab; the Matlab zip file thus only contains a few functions. If you use Matlab, download all the Octave files first, and then the Matlab files. If you find files which do not work under your version of Matlab, please let me know.

Let me know if I’ve left anything out!  Many thanks.