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Such a long long time since I last posted!  Very poor blogging etiquette.  Anyway, to break the drought, here’s news of the best thing to come my way in the last six months – fully featured Maxima running on Android (this screenshot from its website):

maxima-screen-shot1 maxima-screen-shot2

At a conference I attended late last year, sponsored by calculator companies, the Maple reps (both of whom I knew), claimed that calculators were an old-fashioned outmoded technology, especially now that with smartphones, ipods etc, you can have access to the Internet in your pocket (Wolfram Alpha, anybody)?  I still think there’s a lot to be said though for a device which you can use independently of a network, and in fact I believe most calculator users use very little of their functionality.  How many CAS calculator users, I wonder, program on or with their machines?

But now here’s a fully featured, mature CAS running on a portable device – the first such one, as far as I know.  There are in fact other CAS’s available for portable systems: PocketCAS, Mathomatic, Yacas (which I’ve written about before), no doubt others.  None of them, as far as I can tell, work particularly well, or are in any way complete.  It doesn’t take long before you run up against a wall of something they are unable to do.

So I see Maxima as being the first complete portable CAS – and I’m delighted to see it on Android.  It works fine on a smartphone, and is quite wonderful on a tablet.

Its home page is here.

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  1. TI released NSpire app for iPad (, though obviosly nspire’s CAS capabilities are no match for Maxima. I also saw REDUCE in Google Play and I have it for iOS (it is called iCAS there). But iOS has major drawbacks. First it lacks tools to make a usual command line interface, as a result iCAS’s input style is akward. Second, no GPL soft is allowed in App store, so no Maxima, unless its authors would allow commercial dual-license, like Giac/Xcas, the case for PocketCAS.

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